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12 weeks
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for 12 weeks
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Course Overview

Our curriculum includes a career development to help you put to use the skills leant, a video and audio lectures, assignments, and live sessions, hands on projects and mentors to help you grow


  • Become an entry-level software developer

  • Become job ready

  • Identify the type of developer or developer role you want to pursue

What you’ll learn

  1. Front-End Web Development

    Understand HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, Github and Netlify, Capstone Project, to be able to Build and Host A Static Personal Portfolio Website on netlify with HTML, CSS, and version control and give your static personal Portfolio Website interactive features with vanilla Javascript.

  2. Advanced Front-End Web Development

    Understand JAM Stack, Reactjs, Nextjs, Firebase, Fetch API, Strapi, Capstone Project to be able to build and host A product on netlify: An interactive and dynamic single page application with Reatjs and Firebase and build and host A product on vercel:An interactive and dynamic production ready application with Nextjs and headless CMS(Strapi).

  3. Personal Branding

    Create an online portfolio to showcase work and also learn best practices for building a professional network.


Each Participant will select the Project to work on throughout the course


  • One on one career mentorship
  • Free Apprenticeship
  • A Community of like minded people


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